Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Puddle Jumping

Don't you love how one thing leads to another? Serendipity. I popped onto a new blog today by an writer I loved when I was pregnant with Big Stuff about 7 years ago. I saw Catherine Newman's name in a magazine I was perusing whilst waiting for my OB-GYN appointment a couple of months ago. Cool right? And finally, I've gotten around to catching up with her new blog at wondertime.com. In the comments section of her latest entry, I see a shout-out for a book that sounds good - The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections. So I pop over to that author's blog, which I'm loving already. Then I click onto her book for sale at Amazon. I stash it in my wish list, to perhaps purchase later when I have other things to add in the hopes of getting free shipping. I wasn't too sure I even had a wish list, but I actually do and there were 22 items on there, none of which I remembered. The earliest wish was entered in 2001, a few months after Big Stuff was born. Apparently, I was interested in Tony Bennett singing the blues that day. Hmmmmm. A year later, I wanted Jewel's new album along with the Spanish versions of The Big Red Barn and Goodnight Moon. Because I was really into my one-year-old being bilingual at that time. And liking quirky folk music. Apparently. Two years later, we were into fairies and Harry Connick Jr. In 2004, I was all about creating family traditions and heading off sibling rivalry (I was pregnant with Small Fry at that time, and apparently planning ahead for the Big Bang that was about to shatter my only child's life). Since I've had no wishes since 2004, I'm thinking that was about the time I decided getting books from the library would be so much more economical than buying them from Amazon, seeing as how we were becoming a one-income family. I love how jumping around in some link puddles on the internet suddenly shows you a bunch of links in your own life. Who knew?