Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Gratitude Project

A friend of mine and I used to play a game called "Three things." When one of us was feeling stressed or out of sorts, we would send an email to the other. The subject line might read, briefly: Three things? Or if we were feeling really desperate, it might read: Three things, please. NOW? If you received an email like this, it was your job to send back three things the other could be happy about. For example, I might write back:

It's Friday / You're cute and everyone knows it / There is a margarita in your future
Or she might write:

Only two months until vacation! / Your friends are really awesome (especially me) / There is a piece of chocolate cake in your future

I was reminded of this game when I thought about my New Year's Resolution for 2010. I wanted something that would really improve my mind and heart (I've given up hope that I'll stick with the "I'll go to the gym three times a week this year.")

And so 2010 is the year of my personal gratitude project. It's good for me to come up with one thing every day that makes me happy. Even if I have to scrounge. There's always something. And that's the whole point I think. What are you grateful for?

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