Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Turn Off the TV Day

To watch it? To not watch it? Can't watch it with two little girls' ears and eyes tuned into every word and image. I'm not ready to answer questions about how a person could be so cruel. So TV off. The event is so over anyway. So final. What more is there to talk about? But the news people will be talking about it for many days and weeks to come, which makes me dread the days and weeks to come. I do love to hear those smart, bright, thoughtful, hardworking students and their families talk, though. They are impressive, and they make me proud in a weird mother-from-afar kind of way. But it just makes the loss of their smart, bright, thoughtful, hardworking friends and professors all the more horrible. Hearing about their accomplishments, volunteer service, personalities and interests tears at your heart. So many bright lights extinguished in less than an hour. What will the loss be to the world?

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