Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ivory Soap Floats

Here's something fun to do: Pitch a tent in the woods and drift in and out of sleep all night while looking at a zillion stars and a brighter-than-bright three-quarter moon. Don't worry about large beetles the size of your fist flying into your lantern. Don't worry about wee girls still giggling in the tent at 10 p.m. Don't worry about the woman who saw you completely nekkid ('cause that's what we say in the woods) when you had to run out of the shower to save your youngest child from being dropped headfirst onto the concrete floor by your oldest child. All that's chicken feed compared to the stars! And a kayak ride on a silent lake at dusk with just the moon and some frogs as your witnesses. And a group of grown-up Boy Scouts from Jacksonville asking you to take their picture and then sharing their bountiful assortment of brownies and flag-shaped cookies with your wide-eyed children. And playing Uno until you've laughed yourself silly. And stuffing yourself with beef stroganoff, which tastes amazingly delish when cooked on a camp stove. Yep, that's a really fun thing to do! Welcome, Summer....

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