Monday, September 3, 2007

Brain Clouds

I just did two things that made me laugh at myself. One: I swatted a fly after putting up with its torturous buzzing for more than 30 minutes. (There it is again. Maybe it will go away. Why is it so lively? Maybe it will get tired and go away. There it is again. Why is this fly trying to kill me? There it is again. My GOD, that is an annoying fly) I swatted it, with a gusto bordering on rage, and then I couldn't see it. But I could still hear it. Still buzzing. Still buzzing. The buzzing sound is following me. Where is this freaking fly? Where? Where? Finally I realized that it was stuck to my rolled-up paper swatter, which I was holding in my hand, because I had swatted in a corner and picked up a whole bunch of cobwebs. To which the fly was now nicely stuck. Good Lord, I need to dust this place.

Two: I kept looking at a date I had written on the blog - 2008. (That's not right. It's not 2008. Yes, it is 2008. No, it's not. Let's see, last year was 2006. No, 2007. What the heck year is it, cobweb brain???) I actually had to check my email to determine WHAT YEAR I AM LIVING IN. This is sad beyond belief. I was once a smart girl. I swear. Darn kids.


LB said...

It's so true!! At first I thought it was just another side effect from pregnancy and surely after I give birth I will be back to "normal." That was almost two years ago and so far no change. When someone asks my age I almost always have to ask "What year is it?" and then I do the math from there (good thing I was born on a nice round year). Oh the joys of motherhood!! :)

somepinkflowers said...

has nothing to do with being a mom;
has EVERY THING to do with trying TO DO TOO MUCH...

[moms are a major subset of the group, it is true.]

you and lala try to do it all!
but naturally,
you come from a long line of woman
who feel the same way,
who want to do it all.
just ask your moms.

hang on,
it only gets worse...
but keep doing it all

or you will miss
half the fun!