Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Merry What??

OK, I'm looking at a Web site recently about organizing Christmas, and I am swaying between two opposing thoughts:

a) Wow, this is a great idea! Some entrepreneur was really using her head.
b) Organizing Christmas? What the?

Has it really become necessary to obtain organizational tools to handle the overwhelming toil and stress of Christmas? The stress of Christmas? Did I just say that? I am not happy with Society at Large and what they have done to my favorite holiday. Really I'm not. A recent topic of conversation (in OCTOBER) was Christmas gifts and how some of us aim to be finished shopping by the time school starts. Which again, is a fantastic idea to help simplify and avoid the stress of the holidays (there's that word again), but an idea I wish was not thought necessary by so many of us. It's Christmas, people. Not an impending war or famine! What happened to the joy, the happiness, the sweet anticipation? I also saw some ladies looking for Christmas cards at the new Target yesterday. With excitement. I refused to even glance at the display. I may be in a completely different card "mood" by next month. Why would I buy them now and be stuck with cards in December that no longer inspire me? Besides, I am in a spooky, spidery, witchy kind of mindset at the moment, and New Target, nor any other freakish peddler of premature Christmas joy, will deprive me of it. If you still see pumpkins outside my door on December 1, you'll know why. I'm rebelling!