Friday, December 21, 2007

I Got My Christmas Present Early

Santa brought me exactly what I wanted this year.

No, not the Lego Santa! The REAL Santa...

Cleverly disguised as a birthday present for this guy. Isn't he cute? Doesn't he look cold? He didn't bring a hat. Or a scarf. Or gloves. P.S. You don't know it yet, Cutie Pie, but it's going to SNOW tomorrow.

A birthday present that was just just as much fun for This Girl. Doesn't she look cold? I said COLD, not OLD. Notice, please: Scarf? Check. Hat? Check. Gloves? Check. It's possibly the first and only time in 19 years of being with Cutie Pie that I was more prepared than he was. (evil laugh). I did, however, wear loafers and cute trouser socks instead of boots. Well, I had to look good, didn't I?

We did NOT do this. Because we choose not to compete. Also, our chiropractor advised against it.

Would you look at that? I mean, really. I heart New York, yes I do. And I would have bought the shirt to prove it. If it hadn't been so cold. No, I don't want to marry it. But that's because I already have a cute husband.

And look, now he has a hat. And a scarf. And gloves. And ear muffs. We may be southern but we catch on fast. Don't mock his hat. Everyone had one in New York. No, not just people over age 60 either. Hey, if Brad Pitt can wear one, why can't he?

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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