Monday, December 10, 2007

My Baby is Telling Me What to Do

I recently had a weekend alone with my girls, which was actually pretty fun, but also had its trying moments as I'm spoiled by the fact that I usually have my Cutie Pie with which to tag-team. One particularly trying moment occurred on Sunday morning when Big Stuff was giving me the business, and I'd not even had one cup of coffee. I sent her away from the kitchen a) to get dressed and b) because the situation was deteriorating at the speed of light. I looked up, heavenward, and said "God, Help Me!!" Then Small Fry pipes in, "Mama, if you want God to help you, why don't you just prayer to Him?" Yes, yes... Why didn't I think of that? Later, she was talking with me while I got ready to go out. She asked me, "Mama, why don't you have a chart?" (Referring to her "chore" chart, which reminds her to brush her teeth, brush her hair, and put her clothes in the dirty clothes basket). I said, "Well, I'm a grown-up. I remember all the things I have to do." She says, "Then why don't you pick up your clothes off the floor?" Yes, yes... Why, indeed? Thank you, darling. You are much wiser than those preschool teachers give you credit for.

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somepinkflowers said...

i love this smiling angel photo!


glad your NYC trip was fun--
hat or no hat,
gloves or no gloves!

[[ good for southern girls
to fly north
and west
and east
sometimes... ]]