Friday, July 13, 2007

Isn't Life Just Like That?

I've been thinking about two things tonight. Donna Reed and how great life is. Remember the scene from It's a Wonderful Life when Mary is welcoming the Italian family (and their abundant livestock) to their new home in Bailey Park? She gives them bread, salt and wine - the symbolism has something to do with the nourishment, flavor and celebration of life. (I would look it up, but I'm trying to convert a huge file into a PDF in the other window, and it's about to kill me. Adobe, you are on my POOP list. I curse you.) That old fashioned ritual just got me to thinking about the counterbalance we experience every day. Salty and sweet, joy and tears, ups and downs. God gave me a bunch of ups this week, and I am all up in the sweet zone tonight. I'm just sitting her marveling at how really, really GOOD life can be. Of course, because you try to be a realist, or maybe it's the Catholic upbringing in feel a teensy bit guilty and maybe a little bit apprehensive because you just know, without a doubt, that the bitter herbs will be on your plate at the next meal..But you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking I need to tell my future self - hey, don't lose heart now. Remember yesterday when God was so close that he actually answered a prayer? Well, He didn't go anywhere. He's still right here. So try not to worry. That big piece of cake will be coming out of the kitchen soon. And not only is He here with you, he gave you a whole bunch of angels disguised as best friends and kinfolk and crazy little kids just to cheer you up and keep you company at the table! And that is what you call True Love.

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