Friday, August 3, 2007

Remember When

So, while I was on child-vacation I actually did more than redo the playroom. I remembered. Tried it lately? It's fab. I remembered what it was like when I was just ME, and when we were just US. Seeing as how the kiddies make such a dramatic impact on one's life, this was quite a feat in itself and an interesting jolt to the psyche. But FUN! Oh, really fun. Even though I kept looking for where I set down my right arm, we made the most of it. Cutie Pie and I started the week by meeting like undercover agents at a downtown hotel. One of the many great features of this hotel is a spinning-loungey thing on the top of it where smartly dressed young urbanites have drinks and watch the sunset. (Confession: We smiled chummily at the urbanites, while looking dismissively and disdainfully upon the haggard parent-tourists dragging children around up there. I mean, really, the bring children to OUR place. Then we giggled at each other, knowing full well that would be us if not for Camp Grandma). We spent an hour or so there, fancy cocktails in hand, spinning around and reminiscing about this or that building, this or that experience. We had 6 years in Atlanta B.C., so we had plenty to talk about. And it was amazing! Hear this, friends: You can actually have a conversation with your beloved without interruption. It's true!! Such a thing exists! And contrary to your worst fears, you actually still have stuff to talk about that does not involve potty training, 529 plans or back-talking. After our sunset spin, we ate our favorite grown-up food - sushi - and finished the night with huge desserts, liquoured-up coffees and jazz music. It was heavenly. I didn't want to leave the next day. Because leaving meant Home, with all its accompanying responsibilities. And home is the best place on earth, right? It's every dream I ever had, come true, and yet...I think there are a couple of people who are missing each other when that Mama and Daddy thing takes over. So, how can we have our chocolate cappuccino cake and eat it too? How can Mama and Daddy co-exist with the undercover agents? It's a compartmentalization vs. integration problem really. At least, that's probably what all those GA. Tech-educated, young urbanites would say. It's a stumper. Let's think about it over another glass of wine and a sunset spin.

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