Friday, March 2, 2007

Acting her Age

Just look at my youngest child, would you? Is she not the cutest thing on the earth? Stop it, I am not being prejudicial. She really is the cutest thing on this earth! In this picture, she is reading Junie B. Jones to her babies. Or maybe they're her students? Actually, they are probably her audience, because no one loves an audience more than this kid. She claims to be "shy" but this is just something she says to get me to laugh. The three of us read Junie B. last night before bed, and I swear...after one hearing, she repeated it back to these dollies with amazing recollection of the story and the cute things that JB says, such as "wink, wink shy boy" and "Mrs. say there no meatball in bottom of Valentimes box." In between the coherent sentences, she just fills in with "words" that sound something like "nyum nyum nyum." It's a total stream-of-consciousness peek into a wee girl's psyche. Sometimes she will play mama and baby and I will hear her crying out "mama, mama." I say, "What, Small Fry?" And she says, "I not crying. I just tending." She also told me from her carseat today: "I just laxing, mama." That's relaxing, in case you wondered. She competes with her sister to tell the funniest knock-knock joke, although her punchlines are something like "blah blah blah..." followed by hysterical laughter. She just will not act her age. She is determined to be as old as Big Stuff, and she tells me every day "Tomorrow I go to kindergarten OK?" Easy there, sister. I'm going to wring every last bit of baby-ness I can out of you! Speaking of staying young, her birthday is coming up, and she (naturally) requested an Aurora party. That is Sleeping Beauty for anyone lacking a two-year-old in their lives (or a two-year-old's taste in movies). So I spent a couple of hours making the cutest invitations. I researched ideas for Sleeping Beauty parties. Found cake toppers, party favors and such on the internet. OK, it was not a big deal because I secretly love doing it. But do you know what she said this morning? "I no want Aurora party, mommy. I want FighterFighter (firefighter) party." Alrighty then.

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