Monday, March 12, 2007

Pennsylvania or My Kids Say the Darndest Things

The other day we were riding in the car, discussing the 50 states. I don't know why. Sometimes I'm only half-listening when someone will say something that knocks my socks off. That day it was, "Does Pencil-vania have a lot of pencils?" Good one, Big Stuff! Last week at the grocery store, Small Fry was trying to wiggle herself into the cart-seat thingy. I'm like, sitdownsitdownsitdown, and she says ( in all seriousness ) "Mama, my Donald is too fat to sit in this seat." ( Donald is her new word for butt... ) I started laughing uncontrollably, and she looked at me as if I was losing my mind. ( A distinct possibility where her mother is concerned. ) She says, "Are you just going to laugh and laugh all day long?" I might, I really might. She was recently asked if everyone tells her she's cute. She corrected them, "Mema says I'm gorgeous." At Christmas, one of the cuter sayings was Big Stuff's "Partridge in a Parrot tree." Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Also, stating the obvious, Small Fry would often say "Seenta loves children." ( Perhaps this was a mantra repeated over and over to reassure herself of that crazy old guy's intentions ) But the best was: "Angel say don't be 'fraid. Follow star."
They also have great names for their assorted animals and baby dolls. Most are rather generic and straightforward, like Baby. Or Mousey. But this particular little guy has been Sneaky Bob ever since he came to live with us. I have no idea where that came from, but it's the obvious choice, isn't it? He IS Sneaky Bob and no other name would do. This weekend they spent the night with a friend, who has a daughter Big Stuff's age. There is apparently a tradition at their house in which the dad, Bill, makes them milkshakes. This tradition has been enjoyed many times by Big Stuff, but this was Small Fry's first time. As soon as she got in the car after we picked her up, she said ( as if confirming the rumors ) "Yes, Dollar Bill does make the best milkshakes." Cutie Pie asked if he could come next time and have a milkshake, to which she firmly replied, "No, he only makes them for kids."
And here's the sweetest... last week GranJanny stopped by. We were showing her around the house, and Small Fry was pointing out items of interest. In the playroom, she told GJ about how the lightbulb went out a while back ( a rather traumatic event ). GJ: "Oh, did your daddy fix that?" SF: "Um, actually he did, and I love my daddy because he's the most nicest daddy in the whole world." GULP. Some days are really, really good days.

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