Monday, February 19, 2007

Can you help me clean up my desk?

Today was such a nice day! The temperature rose to a bearable level once again. We played outside for the first time in many, many days. The birds were singing, the robins were fat. We all have slight sunburns on our cheeks. And then you come home, and the ugly reality of everyday life crowds in on your happiness. I am sending you this picture of my horribly messy desk in the hopes that I'll shame myself into cleaning it up tomorrow. Actually, it doesn't look as messy in the picture as it really is. For once, the camera didn't add 10 pounds (hmmmm, maybe I can put it off for a few more days....) The desk is only an outward sign of the larger mess that I've allowed to build up around here. I've taken a bit of a vacation from cleaning, straightening, budgeting, organizing, planning ahead. Yes, I'll admit I have been ducking my many and unvaried (aka boring!) responsiblities. Which isn't bad in itself, but man, does it pile up on you quick! But today was a holiday.... And Small Fry and I slept until almost 10 a.m. ( I know! ).... And last week it was semi-blissful to let the little invalid sit in my lap and watch cartoons for hours, and feed her soup, and hold her hand, and nap beside her on the couch...... And today it was just imperative that I spend a full hour pushing each one of them in the swings ( Carpal tunnel syndrome notwithstanding). So, it's been time well spent IMHO. My desk, I'm sure, would disagree.

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