Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Groundhog's Day

I had the best of intentions. Today it was my turn to read to Big Stuff's class. I've been preparing for days. I was so excited. Big Stuff and I chose a book about Groundhog's Day, in honor of February 2. We had gotten two groundhog books from the library a few weeks back, so it was perfect. One book I did not care for, as it depicted Godfrey Groundhog being kidnapped, tied up and thrown into a burlap bag in order to keep a greedy ski lodge baron racoon in business for six more weeks. ( Why do they write books like this?? ) The other, feauting a groundhog named Geoffrey, was better, with a more desirable message about over-hyping by the media and the dangers of hysterical papparazzi. It also had nicer drawings. Which one do you think made it into my bag this morning? You got was Godfrey. I hope I'm asked back again.

The kids in Big Stuff's class were all adorable, and they asked great, mama-sweat-producing questions, such as "If all the groundhogs in the world come out at the same time, what if some see their shadows and some don't, then how much winter is left?" To which I replied, "What do you think?" Always a good reply to a kindergartener, I've found. After the unfortunate Godfrey finally escaped his kidnapper and did not see his shadow, his friends sat on the racoon and extorted free skiing from him for the rest of the winter. ( Why do they write books like this?? )

Next I was asked to read a book about killer whales. The children all cried out with horror when I read the line about what whales eat: fish, squid, seals and PENGUINS. "You mean like HAPPY FEET? Penguins? REALLY, OHM?" ( Why do they write books like this? ) I hope I'm asked back again.

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