Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I think my sense of smell is coming back. The opposite of most pregnant ladies (leave it to me...), my sense of smell pretty much left me when I was cooking the girls. Not totally, you know, but it was definitely desensitized. Probably a defense mechanism against poopy diapers and formula spit ups. But lately, I keep getting hit by these olfactory memories. Yesterday, I got a whiff of Dove soap. I was back in my grandmother's guest bathroom, which always smelled like Dove soap and Estee Lauder makeup. She's been gone at least 16 years now? But it was like we had a little visit. Hi Meme, whatcha been up to? I miss you. How about we meet in my dreams tonight and catch up? It's a bummer, because she hasn't visited me in my dreams in quite a while. I guess she's been busy. She has my granddad up there with her now. Maybe she helps him out during the day while he's painting all those mansions Antique White. My other snoot surprise occurred at Publix. Ever smelled Stargazer Lilies? You would know if you had. That was a great one... me in a big white dress, the doors of the church crack open, I see Cutie Pie standing up there more cute than ever, and the smell of Stargazer Lilies just about knocks me over. Our anniversary is next month, so that was a fun trip.
When we were in Florida last summer, we made a trip to Hutchinson Island. I left my overnight bag in the condo, so when we got back to my parents' house, I used my mom's makeup and perfume for a couple of days. CP and I went out one night, and we were standing on the deck of the local restaurant watching the sun set over the St. Johns River. Romantic, right? I snuggled in for my kiss and hug, and he kind of backed away. Alarming, right? I said, "What's wrong?" He said, "You smell like your mom. I can't kiss you." Ah, the power of smell! At least I know we're not going to end up on Jerry Springer one day.

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