Thursday, February 15, 2007


I was recently transported to Heaven on Earth. Yep, time travel is actually possible, despite what Desmond's Physics-professor friend said on Lost last night. All it takes is a single whiff of Limoncello! Who knew?

I was recently reminded of Limoncello by my cousin, somepinkflowers, who wrote about it on her blog. I didn't realize the lovely, lemony libation was available right here, in my very own town, in my very own liquor store down the street. The last time I had it, I was sitting in a cafe on a Roman street with a view of the Colosseum over Cutie Pie's shoulder. The Limoncello was ice-cold (on a sweltering May day), tasty and decadent. When I realized I could have it here in my house (thank you, somepinkflowers), I included it on the menu of my supper club. February's theme, of course, was AMORE, and there is nothing more lover-ly (or cheesy) than a big Italian dinner. My suppermates and I drank lots of Limoncello -- some drank it straight, some mixed it with half-and-half and ice (yummmmmm) -- and I swear, as soon as I smelled it, I could remember with amazing clarity the moment I last drank it. Weird! Long-forgotten sights, smells and feelings were suddenly and oh-so-happily remembered. So, let me tell you about the best lunch ever.

We were in Capri, on the Amalfi coast, and we took a hike. There are many stairs in Capri, as the town is built on the sides of cliffs jutting out of the Mediterranean. I remember shrines to the Virgin Mary built into rock walls. I remember a little Italian girl who peeked at us and smiled. I remember the blue, blue water surrounding us at all times. I remember the sunshine hot on our shoulders. I remember the smell of lemon groves and the sight of bougainvillea everywhere. After a couple of hours, we found the restaurant our innkeeper had recommended. As the lone patrons of the Heaven on Earth cafe, my companions and I chose the best seats in the house -- outside, under a "roof" fashioned of lemon trees. We ate the most spectacular lunch, while gazing out at the sea. It took three or four hours, no lie. That is something I love about the Italians. They take their time. Especially at meals. They don' t know the meaning of turning tables. All of this reminiscing made me want to return to Italy. Tomorrow. Want to come?


somepinkflowers said...

Hello, hello, OHM!....Good blog posting on Limoncello memories!!!I spent 2 weeks hiking in the Cinque Terra last May. I stayed in this villa in Monterossa al Mare and every morning after breakfast hiked trails into the different little towns. If you think Limoncello is grand in Rome, try hiking up and down steep mountain trails which are only 12" wide. One day while hiking alone through lemon groves I came upon a man selling what I thought was lemonade from a cooler underneath a lemon tree. I sat down and visited with him as best I could. With his English and my Italian we struck a bargain. I swallowed the icy drink so quickly I almost got an ice-cream headache. One taste and I knew it wasn't lemonade but the drink was so cold and yummy and I was so hot and exhausted. I almost toppled into the Mediterranean Sea; I almost didn't make it into Vernazza. A group of friendly Germans came marching up the trail and rescued me. Italian lemons are so large and healthy looking, I think. More good travel stories, please.

somepinkflowers said...

PS--I heart Desmond, don't you? I don't care much for Jack. I try not to like Sawyer and fail.

OHM said...

Isn't Italy the best? Desmond gave us a mind bender last night!