Monday, February 12, 2007

The Long View

God sure does know how to give a girl perspective. Remember a few days ago, when I was uninspired and sick of winter? I'm still sick of winter, if you must know, but I got a big shot of inspiration last night during an ambulance ride down 285 in the middle of the night. I've never ridden in an ambulance before, and I do not care to again. Especially when the ambulance is transporting one of my babies to the emergency room. It was nothing to panic about, as scary as it sounds. It was all precautionary and done in a superhuman effort to avoid liability or human error...which I'm all for, by the way. But it was still a heart-stopping, completely silent, can't form a coherent thought, tears-in-the-back-of-your-throat kind of ride. That's my baby back there. What are you doing back there, Mr. EMT? Are you watching her breathe? Are you holding her hand? Are you taking her pulse? Are you looking into her eyes? Don't make me come back there. Can I come back there?

So, allow me to add the following to my gratitude list:

1. Children who are healthy.

2. Children who are healthy.

3. Children who are healthy.

Because do you know what I couldn't stop thinking? How utterly unbearable it must have been for other parents who have ridden in this ambulance, and not as a precaution. I prayed for us as best I could, but it was more like a checking-in kind of thing because I could already feel God's presence around us all night, guiding those doctors and nurses. (Hey Lord, still there? OK, thanks!) I prayed more for those other parents. At one point, I went into the lobby to look for snacks, and there was a literal sea of humanity out there waiting to be seen by a doctor. (Everyone in Atlanta must sick this week - the lines at every doctor's office, pharmacy and urgent care have been crazy!) My heart just ached for all of them, holding their little coughing babies in their laps, trying to get them to drink something. Dads and grandmas slumped down in chairs sleeping. Not the mamas though. They all had that mama-bear look about them, grimly searching their babies' faces for signs of distress. I hope all those babies are at home sleeping soundly tonight, as mine is, thank you God!
Hey Lord, still there? OK, thanks!

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