Monday, January 29, 2007

People, I Could Make Ice at this Temperature

Yankees everywhere: Don't laugh. But it is 34 degrees in Atlanta today. That's thirty-freaking-four. And that was the high. Brrrrr. That is bitter. OK, I know it's not really bitter, but for Atlanta... it is bitter. I walked over to a neighbor's house a little while ago and gave myself an asthma attack. And what is it about our immune systems that cause them to completely fail us the day, the hour, the minute it turns cold? They say it's because we're indoors, touching our faces, spreading germs on door handles and such, but how does that occur so quickly? Theoretically, you'd think it would take a few weeks for the germs to get cranked up in our bodies and subsequently spread. We've had a rather mild winter here so far - I was wearing shorts the day I planted my cold-weather pansies - but when it turned cold a week or so ago, BAM, everyone in my family immediately got sick. You Yanks must have kick-butt immune systems. And see how sneaky the winter is here? See that gorgeous blue sky behind the Georgia Pines? Makes you think it's safe to venture outside. Ugh, give me a roaring bonfire and 60 blankets please.

Dear Cutie Pie is sick today. Really, really in I'm-almost-worried-about-him sick. He stayed home from work today for the first time in 11 years. So I'm making chicken soup. Doesn't it look good? You need smell-o-vision to truly appreciate it in all its yummy, chickeny glory, but trust me... it is worthy. I will eat it tonight too, as sort of a preventative measure. Number one, Cutie Pie and I are not allowed to be sick at the same time. It's in the Bylaws. Number two: I have a girls weekend planned in a few days, and I would be devastated to miss it. When I have my mid-afternoon break today, I'll be reading my new magazine, dreaming of warmer days, and desperately trying to fend off germs and bacteria of all sorts. En Garde! Wish me luck.

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