Friday, January 12, 2007

Kate Spade Crystal

I was waiting in line at Macy's yesterday to check out, and I saw a salesperson showing a woman some crystal patterns ( I am assuming this was A Bride, registering). The Bride looked at the glasses and said, "I would never, ever, ever (yes, she said it three times) want glasses with a pattern on them." I know, I know. You are not supposed to make snap judgements about people, but I had two thoughts. This woman is taking the "Queen for a Day" thing a bit far - maybe she thinks this will be the first and only time in her life she can be snooty, demanding and conceited toward everyone around her and no one is allowed to say anything about it. After all, she is The Bride. And 2, she has no idea how completely insignificant the pattern on her crystal glasses will be to her 10 years from now. Ten years from now, when she says she never, ever, ever wants something in her life, it will be something big. Something meaningful. Hopefully it won't be her husband.

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