Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love Stories

I had a great evening on Saturday night. It was the first meeting of a new supper club I've recently joined. The theme was Southern Cooking...which suits me quite fine, let me tell you. We snacked on Redneck Caviar, drank peach Bellinis and ate a Southern chicken pie, a recipe from the host's grandmother. Oh yes, and chocolate bread pudding for dessert. (I'm sure Doc was getting a vibe across town....didn't I tell her not to eat that stuff??? But I digress...) The best part of the night was the conversation. It's not often that you have a good conversation with a group of fellows, especially when you've just met several of them. The topic introduced at dinner was: Tell us how you met and fell in love. Every person had a wonderful and unique story to tell. I particularly liked one in which the couple, both from the North, met when they were the only two people to drive into work during the Atlanta Blizzard of '93. Others started as friends. Some felt a spark right off the bat. I didn't get a chance to inquire, but I want to know: How many felt that "love at first sight" thing? Or not love at first sight, since we all know that is a myth, but something at first sight. Something that made you say to yourself, "Hey, this person is going to be in my life somehow, someway. Forever." That's how it was for me. I wonder how many other people feel that?
During Christmas vacation, Cutie Pie and I went to a B&B on the beach for a little R&R. Every night at 6 p.m., they had social hour, which Cutie Pie and I began referring to as Wino Hour ( a little tradition we quickly came to love and now sorely miss ). The B&B provided wine and appetizers, and everyone would emerge from their rooms to chat and share a cup of good cheer. We met a cute couple, going the second time around, who planned to be married at the B&B on New Year's Eve. They fell in love on New Year's Eve one year ago. They had been friends for years and worked together also, but last year, on NYE, he happened to reach over and brush the hair from her cheek. Electricity ensued and tada - they were getting married. The tiniest gesture led to this huge thing.
So back to supper club... It was so cool to think of this random collection of people at the dinner table, and rewind their lives to Before. Before careers, before kids, before houses and moves and Real Life, whatever that is. I got a glimpse of a moment in each person's life that turned out to be quite momentous. Very cool.

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