Saturday, January 27, 2007

Slumper Party

Big Stuff is having a "slumper party" tonight. She and her friend, who is referred to as Anne Shirley when she is completely devastated or in the depths of despair, have done the party part. It's almost time for the slumper part. See how cute they are in their PJs with their freshly washed hair, making puppets for a puppet show that I will be required to watch in a few minutes? I love having Anne over because she says things like, "We have to stop gazing at this collection. We have been gazing and gazing at it for hours." When asked tonight what she plans to be when she grows up, she confidently said "a Princess," as if there had never been a question in her mind. You have to love a girl who knows what she wants. She also asked Cutie Pie and me why moms and dads kiss each other all the time. I said, to the sounds of much groaning and squeals of ewwwwww, "Because they're in loooovvvvvveeee." Anne says indignantly, "You're not supposed to be in love anymore! You were supposed to be in love a long time ago." To which we said, "If we weren't in love, we wouldn't have YOU!" Uproarious giggles. Then she says, "Why does the man always have to protect the woman? Why can't the woman protect the man?" To which Cutie Pie replied, "Amen, sister. I like you Anne Shirley!"

We have some interesting conversations on Slumper Party nights. Another spend-the-night friend, the Duchess of Redhead, sometimes has great spiritual summits with Big Stuff in bed after lights out. Last time she spent the night, I crept by their room only to hear them praying earnestly to God for long hair. "Long, long hair so we can be princesses. Pleaaaassseee God, long hair." I had to stifle my giggles and flee from the hallway as quickly as possible. I know, I know. She won't always let me pick her friends and orchestrate her life, and I will surely detest some of her companions in the years to come..... but I'll think about that tomorrow, Scarlett.

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